Improve Your Initial Offers by Making These Changes When Selling Your Pelican Bay Home

Marcia Hawken


Pelican Bay is one of the most attractive neighborhoods in Naples, Florida. It is a coastal community with a magnificent beachfront, lush landscaping, and an extraordinary quality of life that many people long for on the west coast. This master-planned community features many luxury private neighborhoods, including high-rise buildings, estates, and single-family homes. The community draws many full-time residents and vacation homeowners due to its numerous amenities, including golf courses, biking paths, a fitness center, tennis and pickleball courts, and walkable streets with shops and restaurants.

When receiving offers from potential buyers, sellers want a solid offer that meets their expectations. This usually includes a price close to or at the asking price and favorable terms such as a fast closing and minimal contingencies. Sellers may also look for buyers who have been pre-approved for a mortgage and have shown a serious interest in the property. While these conditions are optimal, not every offer is up to par. There are ways sellers can improve initial offers on their Pelican Bay homes for sale.

Get your home ready for buyers

First impressions are critical, and a well-maintained, visually appealing property can make a huge difference in how it is perceived by potential buyers. Before listing your home for sale, prepare it for target buyers.

Renovations and upgrades

Upgrading your kitchen and bathrooms, adding energy-efficient appliances, and replacing old carpet or flooring can increase the value of your home and make it more attractive to potential buyers. However, focusing on renovations that will give a high return on investment and appeal to the right buyers is essential. Consulting with an agent can help you make informed choices on renovation projects and increase your home’s desirability. You can also find it helpful to have an appraisal to determine your home's value. If you find it unsatisfactory, renovations will help increase the value. Look at what other homes in Pelican Bay are selling for and how you can make your home more competitive.

Cleaning and staging

Another strategy to make your home look attractive to buyers is to use a professional staging service. The best approach to home staging is to empty your home, place items in storage, and redesign the home with high-end furniture and decor. A modern and upscale style will make your home look fabulous and give buyers the impression that it is more valuable. When buyers think your home is more valuable, they will submit better initial offers in hopes of outbidding the competition.

Address the outside of your home for a better first impression

When selling a home, do not overlook the exterior of your property. The outside of your home is the first thing buyers will see as they pull up to your home, and it can immediately influence how they feel about the property. While spending time and resources to update the inside of your home are necessary, all your work and money may go to waste if the outside of your property does not live up to buyer standards. Exterior improvements can include:

  • Trimmed grass and bushes
  • Clean siding and windows
  • Clear walkways
  • Fresh landscaping and healthy vegetation
  • A welcoming entryway
  • Visible house numbers
  • A modern mailbox and garage door

Create an online presence with professional images

To improve your chances of receiving better offers when selling your home, make a high-quality listing using professional images. These images should showcase the interior and exterior of your home. A professional photographer can assist in creating these images, but make sure to prepare your home beforehand to ensure the photos turn out as desired.

Many buyers begin looking for homes online. Without an online presence, or possibly worse, an insufficient one, you deter buyers and increase your chances of receiving poor or limited offers. With sleek images and a detailed description of your home and neighborhood, buyers can begin to form a positive opinion of your property and make the steps from viewing online to visiting in person.

Implement a marketing strategy

Marketing is vital in attracting and securing the best offers from interested buyers. Once your home is prepped and staged, create a tailored marketing plan to reach your target audience. Utilizing digital marketing plans such as social media and email campaigns can help to expand your reach and showcase your home to a larger audience.

Professional real estate agents can provide insights and guidance on what marketing tactics work best for your neighborhood and target audience. The goal is to sell a product, and during the process of selling a home, you want to help buyers see why your home is an excellent option compared to others on the market. Creating this perception can push buyers to make their best offer to avoid losing your home.

Plan exclusive events

One creative way to attract potential buyers and make them feel included is by hosting invitation-only events at your home. These events can be in the form of private tours or open houses, where only a select group of individuals are invited. By making buyers feel special and providing them with a unique opportunity to explore your home without large competition, they are more likely to make a personal connection with the property and envision themselves living there. Hosting these events can also create urgency for buyers to make an offer quickly and with solid terms.

Work with an expert real estate agent to target the right buyers

Working with an expert real estate agent is crucial when finding the right buyers who will make competitive offers on your home. An experienced agent with extensive local market knowledge can guide you through the selling process, from home preparations to screening offers. They can assist with pricing your home, developing a marketing plan, and identifying potential buyers looking for a home like yours. With their expertise, your home is in good hands and can attract the most favorable offers.

Marcia Hawken is a Pelican Bay real estate agent, certified negotiation expert, luxury home marketing specialist, and accredited buyer representative. Marcia is a top-performing agent in Naples focused on building long-term client relationships. Contact Marcia today to learn more about home-selling tips and how she can use staging, marketing, and other data-driven methods to sell your home and attract desirable offers.


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